About Us
About Us

Raising the Standard for Broad Spectrum Disinfection

Founded in 2008, Halosil International delivers the proprietary Halo Disinfection System® and a powerful suite of Halo disinfectants and biocides, which destroy a broad spectrum of harmful microorganisms present in health systems, long-term care, life sciences, education, athletics, cooling towers, and other infection- or contamination-prone environments.

Today, our environmentally preferred surface and water disinfection solutions are used globally to eliminate spores and pathogens and reduce the introduction of unsafe toxins and their by-products into treatment processes.

Trusted by customers around the world, our ISO 9001 compliant disinfectants and biocides are proven to safely and effectively treat microbiological contaminations in complex environments, ensuring a safe and clean world for patients, customers, and citizens around the globe.

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We’re setting a new disinfection standard.
Here’s how:

  • Unrivaled Efficacy

    Whether working in healthcare systems or treating contaminated water, our proven disinfectants and biocides lead the market in efficacy and can be tailored to your diverse application requirements.

  • Best-in-Class Affordability

    With lower price points and greater affordability than other disinfection solutions on the market, our solutions deliver a compelling ROI to our customers across sectors.

  • Comprehensive Safety

    With no known bacterial immunities and no toxic byproduct formation, our solution is safe for both the people who use it and the environment in which it is used.

  • Intuitive Usability

    In every application, we are focused on achieving outstanding ease of use through application processes that eliminate opportunities for human error and mitigate operational interruptions.

  • Diverse Flexibility

    Regardless of the complexity of your environment or application, our diverse products can adapt to meet your unique disinfection needs.

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Looking for whole room disinfection?

Discover our Halo Disinfection System®

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Seeking a proven water treatment solution?

Discover our Halo Biocides

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