A Broad Spectrum Remediation & Disinfectant Solution

Complex disinfection and restoration scenarios require comprehensive disinfectant solutions built to eliminate pathogens, spores, and other contaminants from infection-prone environments—ranging from hospitals, to long-term care facilities, educational centers, laboratories, and more. As a registered sporicide, fungicide, bactericide, and virucide, HaloMist is equipped to handle any disinfection or remediation challenge.

HaloMist applies multiple mechanisms of killing action to attack pathogens and eliminate odors present in highly-susceptible environments. Through a proprietary blend of hydrogen peroxide and antimicrobial silver ions, HaloMist acts as an all-in-one solution—from surface disinfection, to mold control and remediation, and product and forensic restoration.

The Benefits of HaloMist

nogermsEliminates Pathogens

HaloMist operates at the molecular level as a forensic restoration and disinfectant solution, killing off infectious materials and remediating and controlling mold.

Non-Corrosive & Bleach Free

The HaloMist formula safely decomposes into environmentally-friendly disinfection byproducts—water, oxygen, and non-toxic silver complexes—making it both safe for people and earth-friendly.

gears2Achieves Superior Effectiveness

HaloMist is proven to achieve a 6-log kill rate in disinfection applications. In remediation applications, the formula is validated to reduce soot and carbonaceous particles per cubic meter from 1,400 to zero.

HaloMist Applications

Surface Disinfection

From hospitals to surgical centers, long-term care facilities, compounding pharmacies, classrooms, athletic centers and more, HaloMist acts as a comprehensive surface disinfection solution to safely and thoroughly eliminate pathogens where they lurk.

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solutions disaster recovery

Remediation & Disaster Recovery

When disaster strikes, recovery begins with eliminating the contaminated materials left behind. HaloMist acts as a comprehensive remediation and restoration solution, attacking the pathogens left behind by mold, mildew, and decaying plant and animal matter, as well as the offensive odors they produce.

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