Restoration & Remediation
Restoration & Remediation

Mold Remediation Solutions in the Wake of Disaster

Recovering after a natural or manmade disaster is no easy task. To add insult to injury, these unexpected disasters often result in a myriad of offensive odors and pathogens that are caused by smoke, mold and mildew; contaminated water; and decaying plant and animal materials. In order to achieve a full recovery, these stubborn and not-so-subtle odors and pathogens must be effectively remediated.

Halosil’s proprietary HaloMist® formula, used with the HaloFogger®, combines sporicidal efficacy with a user-friendly, dry mist-dispensing device to eliminate pathogens and odor-causing agents—delivering a holistic mold remediation resolution after a disaster.

The Value of Halo Disinfection System®

  • Controls and Prevents Odors

    HaloMist, used with the HaloFogger, a mold remediation fogger, simultaneously kills pathogens and eliminates a broad range of offensive odors by attacking odor molecules at the protein level.

  • Eliminates a Variety of Pathogen Types

    HaloMist operates at the molecular level as a forensic restoration solution, killing off pathogens and remediating and controlling mold.

  • Achieves Superior Effectiveness

    In testing performed for soot and carbonaceous particles by an independent lab, particles per cubic meter were reduced from 1,400 pre-treatment to zero particles post-treatment with HaloMist and HaloFogger.

  • Ensures Uniform Delivery of HaloMist

    The HaloFogger ensures the uniform delivery of our HaloMist remediation and odor neutralizing agent throughout complex spaces to maximize effectiveness.

  • Non-Corrosive & Bleach Free

    The HaloMist formula decomposes into water and oxygen and is residue free, requiring no rinsing or wiping.

*In a few countries outside the U.S., the HaloMist chemistry has been rebranded as HaloSpray and, in Canada, as HaloClear. While the products are chemically identical, local registrations and approved claims may differ from those associated with HaloMist.

Key Advantages of the Halo Disinfection System

  • EPA registered fungicide, bactericide, and virucide
  • Proprietary disinfecting formula
  • Unscented, bleach and PAA free
  • Healthcare-grade, ready-to-use
  • Proven to reduce soot and carbonaceous particles
  • Outperforms, more stable than bleach
  • Easy-to-use, reduces associated labor costs
  • Broad-spectrum efficacy
  • Easy-to-dose using standard equipment
  • Significantly less corrosive than alternatives
  • Effective across a wide range of pH levels
  • Maintains superior microbiological control
  • 3 flexible fogging models for unique remediation demands
  • Low costs of acquisition and operation

Restoring Normalcy After Disaster Strikes

Disaster Recovery

When disaster strikes, the path to recovery begins with disinfecting contaminated materials and eliminating offensive odors. As a mold remediation solution, our HaloFogger attacks pathogens left behind by mold, mildew, and decaying plant and animal material, eliminating the odors they produce.

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Contaminant Elimination

The threat to human well-being is not gone once a disaster ends. Instead, pathogens fester, creating environments that are hazardous to human health. As an EPA registered fungicide, HaloMist serves as a highly effective post-disaster remediation agent, killing the pathogens and harmful spores that are left behind.

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A Closer Look at the Halo Disinfection System


Hands Free, Dry-Mist Fogging

Generating a turbulent aerosol, the HaloFogger uses evaporation to quickly disperse H2O2 vapor and increasingly concentrated micro-droplets everywhere in complex spaces to eliminate harmful spores and offensive odors of all kinds. With three diverse models, HaloFogger is designed to maximize flexibility in a myriad of diverse environments.
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Ready-to-Use Fogging Solution

HaloMist is our proprietary, ready-to-use fogging formula, registered in all 50 States. Our unique stabilization process blends the long-leveraged power of hydrogen peroxide with antimicrobial silver ions to eliminate harmful spores and odors left behind in the wake of disaster.
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