Microbiocide for Livestock Drinking Water Treatment

In livestock facilities worldwide, it has always been a challenge to prevent dust, dirt, pollen, mold and other contaminants from entering water lines and other equipment and forming microbial growth that clogs lines and contaminates drinking water. But maintaining contaminate-free water often comes with steep operational costs and toxic byproducts.

HaloHPC is a unique and powerful oxidizing microbiocide that provides the broad spectrum efficacy needed for disinfection in water treatment systems and livestock drinking lines.

The Benefits of HaloHPC

  • Reduces Operational Costs

    From treatment costs to facility lifecycle, biocide transition, and water consumption, Halosil Water Microbiocides reduce the cost to run your livestock drinking water treatment solution.

  • Protects the Environment

    Halosil Water Microbiocides are odorless and tasteless and do not create VOCs, THMs, HAA5s, Chloramines, salts, or other harmful byproducts that other biocides often produce—ultimately reducing the environmental footprint of your livestock drinking water treatment solution.

  • Preserves Systems & Facilities

    Halosil Water Microbiocides are significantly less corrosive than other leading biocides like chlorine, bromine, and peracetic acid and take less of a toll on equipment, ultimately extending system lifespan.

  • Prevents Biological Contaminates

    Livestock facilities that utilize water can be breeding grounds for microorganisms. With no known bacterial resistance, Halosil Water Microbiocides control biofilms and prevent the build-up of bacteria such as legionella, keeping livestock healthy.

  • Compatible with Existing Water Treatment Programs

    Halosil works with existing water treatment providers to design a smooth transition from an existing biocide to Halosil’s HaloHPC, to ensure there are no interruptions to your process.

HaloHPC Applications

Livestock Drinking Water Treatment

When working with livestock, delivering contaminate-free water is critical to the health of the animals, and the end consumers. This not only requires the water to be purified before it is distributed, but also necessitates that the delivery system is regularly disinfected to prevent buildups and bacterial infestations. HaloHPC combats deposit buildups while treating for microbiological growth, keeping lines clear and water odorless, tasteless, and pure.

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