Solutions for A Disinfected World
Solutions for A Disinfected World

Disinfection Designed for Your Unique Requirements

Through three dry fogging device models and a variety of proprietary disinfectants, biocides, and fungicides, Halosil delivers end-to-end disinfection solutions that are tailored to each organization’s unique needs. How can we help you raise the bar for disinfection in your environment?

From hospitals to pharmacies, locker rooms, and classrooms, these diverse environments have one thing in common. They all face the ongoing challenge of preventing pathogens from lingering on surfaces. Halosil delivers a full suite of solutions for diverse disinfection demands, bringing the same, outstanding disinfection standard to thousands of organizations across sizes, industries, and applications.

The Markets We Serve



Raising the Standard for Hospital Disinfection
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surgical centers

Surgical Centers

Elevating the Disinfection Status Quo in Outpatient Surgical Centers
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long term care

Long Term Care

Solving Whole Room Disinfection for Long-Term Care Facilities
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life sciences

Life Sciences

Whole Room Disinfection for a Diverse Industry
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compounding pharmacies

Compounding Pharmacies & Laboratories

Whole Room Disinfection for Sterile and Non-Sterile Applications
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Keeping Schools Healthy Through Thorough Disinfection
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Knocking Out Dangerous Pathogens in Athletic Settings
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water treatment

Water Treatment

Water Biocides for Pollutant-Prone Applications
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restoration and odor control

Restoration & Remediation

Restoring Normalcy in the Wake of Disaster
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Are You Ready to Embrace a Higher Disinfection Standard?

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