Water Treatment
Water Treatment

Biocides for Disinfection in Water Treatment

From cooling towers to livestock farming, water’s unique properties prove vital for a myriad of processes that are critical to the world’s supply of power, food and manufactured goods. However, many of these applications result in the contamination of the very water necessary to keep them running. Such contamination can lead to biological growth, biofilm and deposit buildups and corrosion that ultimately damage facilities, impede productivity and potentially endanger those that come in contact with the water. That’s why only the highest standard is acceptable for cooling tower water treatment and livestock drinking water treatment.

Halosil Microbiocides control microbiological growth and preserve facility integrity in cooling tower and livestock farming applications, acting as the only solution for disinfection in water treatment that is optimized for efficacy, affordability, and flexibility across application.

The Benefits are Crystal Clear

  • Preserves Systems & Facilities

    Halosil Water Microbiocides are significantly less corrosive than other common biocides like chlorine, bromine, and peracetic acid and take less of a toll on equipment, ultimately extending system lifespan.

  • Reduces Operational Costs

    From treatment costs to facility lifecycle, biocide transition, and water consumption, Halosil Water Microbiocides reduce the cost to run your operation.

  • Prevents Biological Contaminates

    Facilities that utilize water, particularly at elevated temperatures, are breeding grounds for microorganisms. With no known bacterial resistance, Halosil Water Microbiocides control biofilms and prevent the build-up of dangerous bacteria such as legionella, making it ideal for cooling tower disinfection.

  • Protects the Environment

    Halosil Water Microbiocides are odorless and tasteless, and do not create VOCs, THMs, HAA5s, Chloramines, salts, or other harmful byproducts that other biocides often produce—ultimately reducing the environmental footprint of your water treatment processes.

Key Advantages of Halosil Water Microbiocide

  • Eliminates biofilm
  • Provides broad spectrum efficacy
  • Reduces costs for water treatment, facility lifecycle, water consumption, and biocide transition
  • Offers a shelf life of greater than two years. Much longer than chlorine bleach for example
  • Easy to feed into cooling towers and water lines
  • Effective at a wide range of pH values and water temperatures up to 203 ºF (95 ºC)
  • Compatible with existing water treatment programs

Halosil Water Treatment Applications

Cooling System, Air Humidifier and Air Washer Disinfectants

Cooling systems and air processing devices require extensive disinfection to prevent dust, dirt, pollen, mold and other contaminants that enter the cooling towers from forming into microbiological growth that clogs towers and impedes production. HaloC50 prevents the formation of biofilms without compromising system integrity, allowing facilities to sustain processes uninterrupted.

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Livestock Drinking Water Treatment

When working with livestock, delivering contaminate-free water is critical to the health of the animals, and the end consumers. This not only requires the water to be purified before it is distributed, but also necessitates that the delivery system is regularly disinfected to prevent buildups and bacterial infestations. HaloHPC elevates the standard for livestock drinking water treatment by combatting deposit buildups while simultaneously treating for microbiological growth, keeping lines clear and water odorless, tasteless, and pure.

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Halosil Water Microbiocides


Ideal for cooling system applications in diverse industrial processes. Effective across a wide range of temperatures.

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Ideal for livestock drinking water treatment and water line disinfection. Broad spectrum efficacy.

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