Truth in Labeling: Look for the EPA Registration Number
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HospitalsFebruary 19, 2015

Truth in Labeling: Look for the EPA Registration Number

by Halosil

HaloMist™ used in the HaloFogger™ is the only aerosolized disinfectant product to earn an EPA registered 6-log fogging claim against C. diff.

There are a number of products on the market that claim to achieve whole room hard surface disinfection. But only one aerosolized disinfectant— HaloMist Disinfectant Fogging Solution—has a registered claim for whole room disinfection via fogging on its U.S. Environmental Protection Agency approved label.

You will find the EPA registration number, 84526-6, displayed on the label of every bottle of HaloMist healthcare-grade fogging solution. Think of 84526-6 as a number you can trust, a stamp of proven efficacy from the United States government.

In fact, HaloMist is the only disinfectant aerosol that can make a 6-log claim to kill Clostridioides difficile (C. diff) spores, providing total room, hard surface disinfection. HaloMist’s 6-log claim means that 99.9999% of C. diff spores are killed on all non-porous surfaces in the room where HaloMist is fogged.

EPA registration for disinfectant sprays and wipes requires the “Use Instructions” on the product’s label to specify that the surface being disinfected is sprayed or wiped enough to stay visibly wet for the time the EPA agrees is required to kill pathogens. Even spraying with an electrostatic gun must still wet surfaces to get any EPA-proven efficacy, and consequently does not typically provide complete coverage in complex rooms. On the other hand, HaloMist, when dispensed from the HaloFogger, reaches into every nook and cranny without wetting and is safe for use around electronics. And as a hydrogen peroxide-based disinfectant without bleach or PAA, HaloMist is odor free and non-corrosive.

EPA registrations are not easily obtained. The EPA registration number and label claim means the EPA has reviewed the data from vigorous independent laboratory tests which support that claim and has validated the efficacy and instructions for the safe use of HaloMist. It is a violation of Federal Law to sell or use unregistered products or to use products for a use that is not specified on their EPA label. Doing so puts healthcare facilities at financial and legal risk, especially if someone is injured during the use of that product.

We believe the rules are there for a reason—and that it is important to play by those rules. That is why Sanosil International, the manufacturer of HaloMist, has devoted considerable resources for the privilege of making a proven claim on HaloMist’s label.

We appreciate honesty—and we believe our distributors and customers appreciate honesty, too.