Disinfect Your Transit System
Disinfect Your Transit System

with the Halo Disinfection System®

Transportation systems encounter millions of people every year who ride on buses and trains and wait in stations. But so many people being located in close spaces for a long time means proper disinfection has become crucial in preventing the spread of contagious viruses.

By combining our proprietary HaloMist (EPA Reg. No. 84526-6) disinfectant with our HaloFogger®, The Halo Disinfection System® provides uniform delivery of our dry fog solution to effectively destroy pathogens.

The HaloFogger® POD is a lightweight and compact solution specifically built for the transit industry. The system requires no electrical power, making it convenient for use in large bus barns or outdoor yards. It is easy to operate and saves labor—operators simply drop a POD into the HaloFogger inside the vehicle and the system automatically uses compressed air to uniformly distribute the residue-free HaloMist™ disinfectant, killing pathogens everywhere inside.

Benefits of the Halo Disinfection System®

  • Leverages dry-fog delivery to disinfect all nooks and crannies that other disinfection systems can’t reach.
  • Pairs the highest level of efficacy with one of the most affordable costs on the market.
  • Upholds rigorous standards, with registrations on the EPA’s List K and List N.
  • Easy and quick to operate at the push of a button.

Bring Your Riders Back

Transit system riders are worried about harmful infections like Norovirus, the flu, and COVID-19 on board buses and trains. Discover how to restore their confidence in transit system safety with the Halo Disinfection System®.

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Buyer’s Guide to Whole Room Disinfection

Not all disinfectants are created equal, which is why only the highest quality in a broad spectrum disinfectant is acceptable. Learn how our hydrogen peroxide disinfectant is the solution.

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Eliminate Viruses Onboard with the Halo Disinfection System®

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