Halosil Releases Free eBook Focused on Assisting Facilities in Infection Control Efforts
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June 26, 2017

Halosil Releases Free eBook Focused on Assisting Facilities in Infection Control Efforts

NEW CASTLE, DE (June 26, 2017) — Halosil International, a leader in disinfection and infection control, recently released a definitive eBook focused on assisting facilities in their infection control efforts.

The friendly eBook highlights the nature, scope and costs of leading HAIs before exploring the various tools available to combat them in the healthcare environment. While Halosil’s focus remains on environmental disinfection, the eBook addresses other critical disinfection topics, including personnel practices and equipment disinfection.

According to Halosil, the eBook demonstrates a commitment to serving as a knowledgeable and strategic partner to customers in developing and executing their comprehensive disinfection strategies. “Our solution solves environmental disinfection,” said Maryalice StClair, Vice President at Business Development at Halosil International. “However, a comprehensive infection control strategy includes a number of other critical considerations. We know where our solution fits in, and are focused on assisting our customers in reducing HAIs by taking action on all fronts.”

The eBook comes after Halosil released a series of high-value content assets, including a definitive Buyer’s Guide and most recently, a Value Analysis focused on ROI. “The fight against HAIs is a complex one,” said Maryalice. “Our customers are looking for a provider that can not only deliver market-leading technologies, but partner with them in addressing these challenging issues. We are that partner.”

Halosil’s Halo Disinfection System® leads the market in efficacy, affordability and ease of use—a living demonstration of Halosil’s focus on delivering the many characteristics required of a whole room disinfection system in today’s multifaceted healthcare environment.

The eBook is now available for download on Halosil’s website.

About Halosil International

Halosil is the leader in disinfection and infection control, delivering an unmatched level of impact and value to its customers through an exceptionally effective, holistic disinfection system and proprietary hydrogen peroxide-based formula.

Delivering its formula through an arsenal of high-impact formats capable of disinfecting surfaces, environments, and water, Halosil is the disinfection solution provider of choice across a diverse set of critical environments and infection-conscious industries – from healthcare and long term care facilities, to research laboratories and compounding pharmacies, to athletic facilities and educational institutions.

Driven by the foundational understanding that there is no such thing as “a little contaminated” Halosil and its breakthrough capabilities have a no-tolerance policy for harmful microorganisms and are raising the standard for disinfection efforts around the globe.

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