Halosil Introduces the HaloFogger<sup>®</sup> POD—a Portable, Flexible Disinfection Solution for Transit Vehicles
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August 18, 2021

Halosil Introduces the HaloFogger® POD—a Portable, Flexible Disinfection Solution for Transit Vehicles

NEW CASTLE, DE (August 18, 2021) — Halosil International, Inc., the leader in whole room disinfection across a diverse range of pathogen-prone environments, introduces the HaloFogger® POD—a reliable and flexible disinfection solution for the busy transit industry.

The HaloFogger POD was developed specifically for buses and trains based on feedback from the people doing the work at transit agencies. Disinfecting trains and buses proves to be logistically challenging because these vehicles have limited downtime and are often parked in remote bus depots and train yards where there are no power outlets, and it is often difficult to move disinfection equipment from location to location. The HaloFogger POD is now a patent pending member of the EPA-registered Halo Disinfection System® family used in hospitals and other healthcare settings world-wide.

Using the newly developed HaloFogger POD requires minimal labor, as it is easy to set up and does not require the applicator to wear PPE during operation. To disinfect a vehicle, a worker simply inserts a POD into a port on each vehicle, activates the POD from the outside, and the dry fogging proceeds, thus eliminating any exposure to the applicator. The dry fog of HaloMist disinfectant reaches every nook and cranny of each vehicle without wetting surfaces or leaving a sticky residue, so both pathogen killing efficacy and compatibility with materials are excellent. HaloMist is on the EPA’s List N, approved for use against the SARS-CoV-2 virus that is causing COVID-19 cases worldwide.

The POD’s technology uses compressed air to uniformly distribute HaloMist and achieves the same performance characteristics as the other foggers in the HaloFogger family. The use of refillable compressed air bottles instead of an onboard compressor makes the highly mobile HaloFogger POD completely independent of a power source during the treatment.

For rapid deployment in the field, Halosil International offers the HaloFogger PODs as a turnkey system complete with a motorized cart that can hold up to 24 HaloFogger PODs. Once triggered, the HaloFogger POD dispenses the preset amount of HaloMist disinfectant and can be collected within a few minutes to be re-charged, making it possible to decontaminate large fleets of vehicles with minimal labor and downtime. According to Chris Ungermann, CEO of Halosil International, “Crucial data from the HaloFogger POD is readily accessible to the Operations Management team through an app on any handheld device.” He added, “An RFID tag identifies its location automatically, allowing operators to know where systems are working, and which vehicles have been treated. The data collected is easily obtained and can be uploaded to a central cloud-based location where it can be remotely managed and traced.”

“The HaloFogger POD is ideal for busy transit systems,” said Jack Martinson, Vice President of Mobility Markets at Halosil International. “Most transit systems need to have their trains or buses in and out of revenue service very quickly because they need to perform maintenance during a very limited amount of time. With the HaloFogger POD, vehicles don’t need to be sent to a separate maintenance area for disinfection—transit teams can disinfect a fleet of buses or train cars in a short amount of time wherever they are located. And the faster you can get through disinfecting vehicles, the faster you can return to serving passengers.”

To learn more about the HaloFogger® POD and its powerful transportation disinfection capabilities, contact Halosil at info@halosil.com.


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