Halosil International Joins Forces with Quip Labs to Auction Off HaloFogger<sup>®</sup> Systems for Charity
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November 26, 2019

Halosil International Joins Forces with Quip Labs to Auction Off HaloFogger® Systems for Charity

NEW CASTLE, DE (November 26, 2019) — Halosil International, Inc., the leader in whole room disinfection across a broad range of applications and environments, has announced that it once again joined forces with Quip Labs at the 2019 American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS) national meeting to auction off two donated HaloFogger® systems so as to better promote the use of whole room disinfection and biological safety in the research setting. All proceeds from the auction will go to the AALAS Foundation, which supports educational outreach on the essential role of responsible laboratory animal care and use in science.

This year, the two recipients of the HaloFogger® were facilities based in Portland, OR, and Syracuse, NY. The funds gathered from their collective donations comprised over 50% of the auction funds raised at the event.

“We look forward to partnering with Halosil every year at the AALAS meeting to auction off a HaloFogger®, and this year, we were fortunate enough to auction off two,” said Tim Hidell, Owner of Quip Labs. “Since our founding in 1985, the team here at Quip Labs has dedicated themselves to providing our clients with the biosafety products they need in the fields of Companion Animal Care, Biomedical Research, Pharmaceutical Production, and Food Processing. With the Halo Disinfection System®, we can better ensure biosafety for our clients—all achieved at a moderate capital investment.”

Quip Labs’ relationship with Halosil dates back to 2012, when the two companies recognized their joint commitment to pathogen elimination. While whole room disinfection was a new concept at the time, Quip Labs realized that Halosil’s proprietary hydrogen peroxide and silver ion-based formula, delivered via a dry fogging system, provided powerful synergies with its offering for biological safety and sanitary cleanliness to a wide array of very sophisticated customers. The power of the partnership and efficacy of the product was further reaffirmed in 2013 when Halosil received the first EPA registered label against C. difficile for a dry fogging disinfectant, the highest level C. diff kill certification available.

“Our HaloFogger® systems have been the largest single item for auction for the last four years at the AALAS annual meetings,” said Chris Ungermann, Chief Executive Officer of Halosil International Inc. “In an effort to give back to the community, we look forward to donating our elite whole room disinfection system each year so as to support the efforts of the AALAS Foundation in eradicating dangerous pathogens in the animal testing spectrum. Since the founding of our relationship with Quip Labs, we have enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship that has spread whole room disinfection across myriad facilities across the U.S. I look forward to growing and deepening our relationship with Quip and its customers.”


About Halosil International
Halosil International is the leader in whole room disinfection, delivering an unmatched level of impact and value to its customers through an exceptionally effective disinfection system and proprietary hydrogen peroxide-based formula. Delivering its solution through an arsenal of high-impact formulas capable of disinfecting surfaces, environments, and water, Halosil is the disinfection solution provider of choice across a diverse set of critical environments and infection-conscious industries—from healthcare and long term care facilities, to research laboratories and compounding pharmacies, to athletic facilities and educational institutions. With a sporicidal kill-rate validated by the EPA to kill 99.9999% of the most resistant C. difficile spores, Halosil raises the standard for disinfection efforts around the globe.

About Quip Labs
Quip Laboratories provides facility hygiene solutions to a wide variety of industries—ranging from Animal Drinking Water, Environmental Monitoring, and Decontamination services—as well as proprietary disinfectants and sterilants. With in-house research and development, pathogen identification, production, quality control and sales teams, Quip Labs offers a comprehensive approach to efficient and eco-gentle facility hygiene.