The HaloFogger<sup>®</sup> POD
The HaloFogger® POD

A Revolutionary Approach to Transit Disinfection

The HaloFogger® POD is a revolutionary, patent-pending, approach to disinfection specifically built for the busy transportation industry. It’s designed to treat a variety of transit system and emergency vehicles quickly and easily.

The POD is a self-contained, easy-to-use, portable dry-fogging system. Like our classic HaloFogger® models, the HaloFogger POD creates the same aerosolized droplet size and target concentration of HaloMist disinfectant, required to meet EPA registration standards. 

Here’s How it Works

The POD requires no electricity because it uses compressed air to dispense precise amounts of HaloMist into each vehicle. Once the POD has finished dispensing HaloMist, the unit can be removed from the vehicle and placed back on a mobile cart for recharging the air tank and refilling with HaloMist. One cart with 24 PODs can be deployed to disinfect up to 100 vehicles in an eight-hour shift with one or two workers. Each POD device is capable of disinfecting up to 4500 ft3 in a single disinfection treatment.

Benefits of Using the HaloFogger® POD

  • Designed for Rapid Deployment to Treat Multiple Vehicles Quickly & Easily
  • Portable and Compact
  • Requires No Electricity
  • All Surfaces Treated
  • Minimal Labor; No PPE Required
  • No Residue or Wetting of Surfaces
  • Healthcare Grade Disinfection

Are You Ready to Experience the Power of the POD?


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