Halo Disinfection System Compared Against Other Systems
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HospitalsJanuary 20, 2015

Halo Disinfection System Compared Against Other Systems

by Halosil

The Halo Disinfection System was cited in an article in Outpatient Surgery Magazine’s January 2015 issue which compares whole room disinfection systems.

One recommendation of note is of these type of system’s suitability for use in surgical suites at the end of the day when the suite is shut down.

The article mentions the drawback of hydrogen peroxide systems requiring HVAC vents to be covered during room treatment, but we know that Halo accessories make that job fast and easy!

Although the content on the Halo Disinfection System did not include the information that we provided about being EPA approved with a 6 log C. diff kill, it does present the Halo Disinfection System in a favorable light and highlights the affordability of the system.

Read the whole article by downloading this PDF.