Fogging is the clear winner versus UV
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HospitalsJanuary 19, 2015

Fogging is the clear winner versus UV

by Halosil

Effective disinfection is essential in preventing healthcare-associated infections, known as HAIs.

But there is debate as to what is the best strategy in waging war on pathogens.

One thing is clear. No-touch modalities for hospital room disinfection are a powerful force in the battle against HAIs because they take human error out of the equation. The machines do the work, not a cleaning staff that may or may not be inclined or able to do a thorough job.

Currently, there are two no-touch disinfection methods that are widely available: ultraviolet light (UV-C) or fogging with hydrogen peroxide vapor or mist.

  • Both methods have a few factors in common.
  • Both can only be used when a patient room is empty.
  • Both require removal of debris by maintenance workers before the systems can be used.
  • Both impact the time required to turnover a hospital room.

But the similarities end there, according to Environmental Cleaning for the Prevention of Healthcare-Associated Infections, a technical brief from the federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

A UV-C system only disinfects areas with a direct or indirect line of sight. It doesn’t kill pathogens that are literally lurking in the shadows. Repositioning the unit several times in order to reach all the surfaces in the room takes time. It also carries a risk of cross-contamination, essentially giving pathogens a ride from an untreated area to an area that already has been disinfected.

There’s additional labor involved, as well. Textiles must be removed from the room before treatment. Windows must be covered. Further, there’s no regulatory oversight of UV-C systems by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The Fogger Advantage

In contrast, fogging with aerosolized hydrogen peroxide via the Halo Disinfection System by Sanosil International achieves whole room surface disinfection. Because the quantity of dispensed disinfectant is controlled, there’s no need to reposition the fogger. The only room prep required is covering the HVAC vents.

Another distinct advantage over UV-C is that Sanosil International products have been approved by the EPA. That means the HaloMist and HaloFogger user manual, website information and product brochure are subject to ongoing review by the EPA.

The bottom line: fogging is more effective, more efficient and more thoroughly vetted compared to UV-C systems. In the ongoing fight against HAIs, the choice of allies is clear.