Halosil Releases Free Value Analysis Focused on Measuring ROI of Whole Room Disinfection
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December 14, 2016

Halosil Releases Free Value Analysis Focused on Measuring ROI of Whole Room Disinfection

NEW CASTLE, DE (December 14, 2016) — Halosil International, a leader in disinfection and infection control, recently released a Value Analysis designed to assist healthcare decision makers in calculating the ROI of a whole room disinfection system.

This unique tool details the mounting costs of fighting HAIs in healthcare settings, the many considerations of cost and speed that go into a whole room disinfection strategy and the benefits and opportunities that are possible with a proper solution.

Halosil decided to create the ROI guide after speaking to its customers, who are increasingly focused on selecting a whole room disinfection system that achieves not only the obvious care-related objectives, but also business objectives such as efficiency and profitability. The importance of ROI was further highlighted in a survey Halosil administered at September’s Exchange 2016 conference. According to the survey, 29% of respondents identified ROI as very important.

“The selection of a whole room disinfection system is not only a care-related decision, but also a business one. As a result, environmental services and infection control professionals are seeking a solution that pairs outstanding efficacy with practical elements such as ease of use and low cost of operation,” said Maryalice Panarello StClair, Vice President of Business Development at Halosil International. “We know that the Halo Disinfection System® provides the most comprehensive value and greatest ROI. Using our ROI guide, we invite healthcare professionals to decide for themselves.”

The ROI Guide is the second high-value content asset Halosil has released in the last two months. It reinforces Halosil’s mission to eliminate preventable HAIs and raise the standard for disinfection by delivering a superior no-touch solution while educating the market on best practices.

The Value Analysis is now available for download on Halosil’s website.

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Halosil is the leader in disinfection and infection control, delivering an unmatched level of impact and value to its customers through an exceptionally effective, holistic disinfection system and proprietary hydrogen peroxide-based formula.

Delivering its formula through an arsenal of high-impact formats capable of disinfecting surfaces, environments, and water, Halosil is the disinfection solution provider of choice across a diverse set of critical environments and infection-conscious industries – from healthcare and long term care facilities, to research laboratories and compounding pharmacies, to athletic facilities and educational institutions.

Driven by the foundational understanding that there is no such thing as “a little contaminated” Halosil and its breakthrough capabilities have a no-tolerance policy for harmful microorganisms and are raising the standard for disinfection efforts around the globe.