HaloMist™ Doesn’t Cut Corners. It Disinfects Them
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HospitalsOctober 6, 2015

HaloMist™ Doesn’t Cut Corners. It Disinfects Them

by Halosil

A few extra minutes can wipe out countless pathogens

You wouldn’t want your surgeon to hurry up and finish your coronary bypass so she can squeeze more operations into her schedule.

It’s also dangerous for health systems and other institutions to reduce the time devoted to disinfecting rooms in order to speed up turnover, notes a recent article in Infection Control Today.

Thorough disinfection is a powerful defense against Clostridioides difficile, MRSA and other healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) that contribute to longer length of stay, readmission and mortality.

Manual cleaning, already muddied by human error, becomes even more problematic when the people charged with eliminating pathogens are under pressure to turn over rooms faster. That is quickly becoming a disconcerting trend as health systems look for ways to trim budgets.

Cutting costs often results in cutting corners—and other surfaces where germs that make patients even sicker are lurking.

The solution is a hands-free system that is 99.9999 percent effective in killing pathogens. The HaloMist Disinfection System knocks out C. diff spores and other hard-to-kill germs without the missed spots and cross contamination of manual cleaning. That claim is validated by the Environmental Protection Agency, unlike those made by many competing disinfection systems.

Environmental services managers can count on HaloMist. The HaloFogger never gets mad at the boss for adding extra rooms to disinfect to an already busy schedule. It doesn’t gloss over the high spots or the low spots like a human cleaner who is weary at the end of her shift. It doesn’t even take a lunch hour.

It just keeps doing its job, sending aerosolized hydrogen peroxide mist to every nook and cranny for total room disinfection. As a result, each surface touched by patients and staff is disinfected. Patients avoid HAIs and have better outcomes. Yes, fogging takes a few more minutes than a trash-and-dash approach to cleaning but it’s worth it. Time devoted to patient safety is time well spent.

It’s also money well spent.