Meet Us at AHE Exchange 2022
Meet Us at AHE Exchange 2022

to discover disinfection solutions for your healthcare environment

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Discover the Halosil Standard at Booth #208

Join Halosil at Booth #208 at the AHE Exchange Conference to discover how our Halo Disinfection System® leverages uniform, dry fogging technology to eradicate pathogens from the places and spaces in your healthcare environment.

Schedule a one-on-one meeting to discuss:

  • How the Halo Disinfection System® produced an initial 41% reduction in CDI, as well as a 74% reduction from 2015-2019 with continued use at Pennsylvania Hospital.
  • The benefit of dry fogging disinfection technology over standard spray-and-wipe or UV-based systems.
  • CDC best-practices for whole room disinfection beyond a shadow of a doubt.
  • Improving standards for surface disinfection while simultaneously achieving greater efficiency & efficacy.

Evaluation of aHP Disinfection System for Reduction of CDI Rates Over 10-year Period

C. difficile infections causes significant morbidity and mortality in healthcare facilities worldwide. This white paper examines the use of Halosil’s aerosolized hydrogen peroxide disinfection system for the reduction of CDI rates.

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The Buyer’s Guide to Whole Room Disinfection

Not all disinfectants are created equal, which is why only the highest quality in a broad spectrum disinfectant is acceptable. Learn how Halosil’s proven hydrogen peroxide disinfectant can be the ideal solution for combating pathogens.

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