A portfolio of EPA approved disinfectant products for your application.

A portfolio of EPA approved products for your application.

Unparalleled Advantages

  • EPA registered bactericide, virucide, and fungicide
  • Proprietary disinfecting formulas
  • Unscented, bleach and PAA free
  • Healthcare-grade, ready-to-use
  • Proven to reduce infection rates
  • Outperforms, more stable than bleach
  • Easy-to-use, reduces associated labor costs
  • Broad-spectrum efficacy
  • Controls biofilm and bio-fouling
  • Easy-to-dose using standard equipment
  • Significantly less corrosive
  • Effective across a wide range of pH levels
  • Maintains superior microbiological control


Disinfectant Fogging Solution

First EPA registered disinfecting fogging formula for whole room disinfection.

HaloMist is a ready-to-use fogging formula used with the HaloFogger to deliver the correct concentration and contact time for treating all of the exposed surfaces within a room. A no wipe, no rinse product, HaloMist delivers touch free disinfection at a 6-log kill rate against C. diff spores.

Consult HaloFogger™/HaloMist™ User Manual for detailed product-specific use instructions and warning information.


All-Purpose Surface Disinfectant

Broad-spectrum disinfectant formula kills bacteria and viruses on surfaces you come into contact with everyday.

HaloSpray is perfect for spot disinfection of surfaces that need to be sprayed or wiped, or used for adjunct fogging treatments.

Consult HaloFogger™/HaloSpray™ User Manual for detailed product-specific use instructions and warning information.


Hands Free aHP Dispensing Device

The HaloFogger delivers uniform coverage of our Halo™ Disinfectants in an aerosolized dry-mist, reaching into crevices and other areas throughout a room beyond the reach of sprays, wipes and UV lights.


Microbiocide for Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Reduce water treatment costs. Reduce water and energy use. Increase facility performance while reducing maintenance downtime. Maintain compliance with regulatory and safety mandates.


Microbial Control in Recirculating Cooling Water Systems

HaloC34 was developed for customer’s facilities that may fall under the Department of Homeland Security’s “Chemicals of Interest” security requirements (6 CFR Part 27). C34 provides the same benefits as our full strength water treatment biocide, Halosil C.


Microbial Control in Recirculating Cooling Water Systems

Formulated to meet federal regulations for air shipment and onsite storage. Especially suited for smaller-sized recirculating cooling water systems like rooftop HVAC. HaloC5 is as equally effective as our HaloC and C34 biocides.


Surface Disinfectant Concentrate

Ideal for the disinfection of packaging materials and equipment in food and beverage plants. Effective across a wide range of temperatures. No rinsing required.


Microbiocide for Drinking Water and Agriculture

Protect pipeline networks and capital equipment from costly repairs due to corrosion. Tested safe for use in wash treatment, food preparation, and drinking water. Provides response method for emergency and potable water disinfection.


Control Your HaloFogger From Your Phone

Introducing HaloLog

The HaloFogger™; is a user-friendly, dry mist-dispensing device that delivers aerosolized disinfectant reaching into every nook, crevice and corner in a room to kill disease-causing pathogens where they hide. The HaloLog App allows users to connect and interact with the HaloFogger via low energy Bluetooth. This optional feature provides real time information about the state of the HaloFogger and logs ON & OFF times as well as the total device RUN time on any Apple iPhone and iPad; and can send an editable data log by e-mail.

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