Advantages of Using Halosil in Food & Beverage Plants

  • Higher efficacy than hydrogen peroxide, sodium hypochlorite (bleach) and other disinfectants
  • Used in CIP systems
  • Tasteless, odorless and colorless
  • No toxic disinfection by-products
  • No rinsing required
  • Can be used in a wide range of temperatures up to 203°F (95°C)
  • Does not foam
  • FDA Pending

Halosil is the Ideal Product for Disinfection of Packaging Material and Equipment

  • Halosil is very stable at high temperatures. Quats are explosive and bleach evaporates rapidly at elevated temperatures
  • 35% Hydrogen Peroxide can be replaced with Halosil thus reducing the amount of evaporated oxidizers by 5-7 times in steam applications
  • Halosil is not considered a dangerous good and is easily transported, stored and handled
  • Halosil causes significantly less corrosion to equipment than other disinfectants
  • Halosil has a longer lasting effect than Hydrogen Peroxide by itself
  • Halosil can reduce the temperature, contact time and/or the amount of water used depending on the specific application