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Halosil Water Microbiocide is a unique and powerful oxidizing biocide that controls microbiological growth in cooling tower systems. Our formulation reduces water treatment costs, facility lifecycle costs, and water consumption. Halosil also improves your environmental footprint by eliminating toxic water treatment byproducts.

Halosil C is efficient, stable and its performance is unaffected by pH. Halosil C has a shelf life of greater than one year; months longer than chlorine bleach. And because of its overall effectiveness, customers need only 1/10th to 1/15th the volume of Halosil when compared to traditional oxidizing biocides like bleach.

Halosil is easy to feed to your cooling tower. Benefits include: simplified offloading operations, reduced traffic, and the elimination of troublesome bleach pumping systems. Halosil is compatible with existing water treatment programs. We work with you and your existing water treatment provider to design a smooth transition from your existing biocide to Halosil.

Productivity and Cost Benefits

In industrial facilities worldwide, Halosil Water Microbiocide is proven to be highly cost competitive, safe and thoroughly effective at controlling fouling and corrosion.

Solutions For:

  • Driving down costs
    • As a rule of thumb, it takes 10-15x less volume to treat a system with Halosil when compared to other biocides.
    • Smaller product footprint resulting in cost savings on transportation and storage fees
  • Increasing productivity
    • Increasing process uptime
    • Improved heat transfer rates
    • Increased cycles of concentration (COC)
    • Minimal downtime and start up costs to convert
    • Overall energy savings
  • Maintenance savings
    • Halosil Water Microbiocide is significantly less corrosive than other leading biocides which extends the life of the equipment and facilities.
  • Conserving water
    • Halosil does not leave behind salt deposits, therefore it decreases tower blowdown and new water intake.

Purchase or Arrange a Trial of Halosil

Halosil Water Microbiocide is available through many water treatment companies. Ask your provider today or contact Halosil directly to discuss your industrial application by emailing us at

Advantages of Using Halosil Water Microbiocide

Broad-Spectrum Efficacy

  • Controls:
    • Biofilm
    • Filament-Forming Bacteria
    • Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria (SRB)
    • Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC)
  • Kills Pseudomonas, Salmonella and E. Coli
  • No known bacterial resistance
  • Effective at a wide range of water temperatures and pH values

Chemically and Structurally Compatible

  • Chemically compatible with other biocides
  • Significantly less corrosive than chlorine, bromine and peracetic acid


  • Clear and odorless
  • Does not contain chlorine, hypochlorite (bleach), alcohol, aldehydes, phenols, formaldehyde, ammonium compounds, quats or sodium hydroxide
  • Does not lead to the formation of the VOC’s, THM’s, HAA5’s, Chloramines, salts or other toxic byproducts
  • Decomposes into water and oxygen